Packing Guide

If you would like to send a parcel for us to include in a future shipment to Nauru, please check out the following information about how to pack. This ensures parcels are ready to go, the contents will survive transit and they will easily clear customs at the other end!


    1. First ensure all items you wish to include are on this list of suitable donations
    2. When packing, be sure to choose a box that is sturdy and in good condition. If you don’t already have something then we’d recommend the Australia Post “Bx20” Box or “Bx4” Box as they are a perfect size for us to pop onto the pallet.
    3. Pack everything tightly and securely for transit.13016364_1204879666218803_685945671_o
      1. It’s a good idea to put liquids or things that might leak into snap bags to prevent them leaking on other goods.
      2. Make sure there’s limited room for movement – pack tight! Use soft goods such as clothes or other items to minimise gaps.
      3. Don’t include anything fragile – the parcels will go through a few stages of handling before reaching Nauru so best to avoid anything too delicate or breakable!
      4. If possible, bundle like-with-like in sections and label to make things easier for our convenors to distribute on Nauru (e.g. boys clothes, girls clothes, etc). Some of our donations have come in boxes with little parcels wrapped in brown paper and labelled, which works really well!
    4. Print, fill out and include our Donation Letter and Packing List in the parcel
    5. Fill in this form to let us know the parcel is coming, and what’s in it (needed for customs).
    6. Send your parcel to:
      ForTheRiders Bike Shop
      Attn: We Care Nauru
      316 Ipswich Road