The cost of food on Nauru

We are sometimes asked why we send donations, including food, to Nauru. The following pictures taken in Nauru’s Eigugu Supermarket by Australian electrician George Goring in May 2015 illustrate one of the big problems for refugees on Nauru.

Those who have been found to be refugees and now live in the Nauruan community have to buy their own food. These pictures show food prices, all in Australian dollars….


While our current transport options don’t allow us to send fresh fruit and vegetables, we are able to send other nutritious items such as nuts, dried fruits, and vitamins. Check out this list for other food ideas to contribute to future shipments.


Join us – be a local convener!

In preparation for our next shipments, we are looking to grow the We Care Nauru network! We want to establish hubs around the country where donations can be accepted, sorted and prepared for shipping.
To do that, we need people who are willing to contribute their time and efforts as a local We Care Nauru Convener! The Convener role involves –
> Identifying a suitable local drop off point for donations that we can promote (could be a home, business, church etc)
> Receiving donated items that are on our list of needed items
> Sorting items and packing them ready for transit
> Liaising with us to get prepared boxes to us to go on the pallets
> Being a local advocate for We Care Nauru, helping to raise awareness, and in turn encouraging donations of goods and funds to cover costs.

If this sounds like something you’d like to do in your area, please contact us and let us know your city and suburb/general area!

Let us know if you have any questions!



Airfreight parcel brings joy to kids

Beautiful message today from a friend on Nauru 💗
“[Today] we cook a food with something you sent us and give to all kids in the camp.You sent dry milk and saffron and cinnamon and cardamom .We mixed them with rise and sugar and made a food that children like.”
These were donations we sent airfreight a few weeks ago to lift spirits on Nauru! Thank you everyone who has made this little act of happiness possible 😘



Gifts for the kids

12108726_181569135543069_1651065322397382978_nPerched high at the top of the pallet is a really special donation for the kids on Nauru.

The team at Recycled Mats contacted us when they heard about the upcoming shipment. Owner JJ wanted to direct her annual donation to some kids who would really appreciate them – and she chose the kids on Nauru. These play mats are made from colourful, recycled fibres and are designed for use by kids! They are easy to clean, comfortable and give the children a safe, fun space to play. Our friends on Nauru were so exited to hear that these mats were coming their way so they can ensure their little ones have some fun, clean play spaces! 🙂





Special delivery!

Our beautiful convenors on Nauru have just taken delivery of over 70kg of food, spices, nuts, fruits and other treats, which we were able to send over this week!! These were destined for the seafreight pallet, but we decided that after an especially tough week for our friends on Nauru we needed to get some of these goods – these symbols of hope and of our continued support for them – over there ASAP. Our friends are so very grateful to receive these items which they will now begin to distribute, especially to the children. Thank you to the many, MANY people who contributed to make this delivery possible!!




Why we care

We care for lots of reasons. Some people contribute to We Care Nauru because of a shared experience, others because of a passion to fight injustice. Still others because they’ve looked into the eyes of asylum seekers, they’ve hugged their children, heard their stories and experienced the human side of a political issue. The women who made this donation found their Greek Island holiday unexpectedly transformed as they sat on the beach on Lesbos helping the desperate and comforting the despairing. The reasons are varied but the theme is the same –#wecare and we are sorry for what is being done to you in our name.


Packing, packing, packing!

A huge day of packing, itemising, sorting…. And we’re still not done!! Over two thousand individual items sorted and packed, some to go airfreight this week and others for the pallet 🙂 Big big thanks to all involved – be it donations of money, goods, or time! – You are all amazing 😀 😘