Collection Process

Please Note: We are not currently accepting any more donations, as we have been overwhelmed with support!

Instead we are focusing on funds to send the donations we have, and to provide phone credit.




  • We collect suitable donations of food, vitamins and other essential items at collection points around Australia.
  • Once a suitable quantity of donations have been received (to best spread freight costs) we sort and package for transit
  • Using the most cost-effective freight methods we can find, we send bulk parcels to our contacts on Nauru
  • The parcels are received by our contacts outside the detention centre (this is important because it means we can send a wider variety of items, as some items are not permitted within the detention centre).
  • Items are distributed and consumed outside of the centre (the centre is now ‘open’ and people can come and go through the day. Suitable / approved items may be taken back inside the centre if the individuals decide to do this).



We are in contact with several ladies who live on Nauru as refugees and asylum seekers. They are able to receive parcels outside the detention centre, and distribute items within the centre as well.

This not only allows us to get a wide variety of nutritious food and other essential items to a greater number of people, it ensures that parcels are going to someone we know and trust, and we are confident the goods are getting to people that need them.