The cost of food on Nauru

We are sometimes asked why we send donations, including food, to Nauru. The following pictures taken in Nauru’s Eigugu Supermarket by Australian electrician George Goring in May 2015 illustrate one of the big problems for refugees on Nauru.

Those who have been found to be refugees and now live in the Nauruan community have to buy their own food. These pictures show food prices, all in Australian dollars….


While our current transport options don’t allow us to send fresh fruit and vegetables, we are able to send other nutritious items such as nuts, dried fruits, and vitamins. Check out this list for other food ideas to contribute to future shipments.


2 thoughts on “The cost of food on Nauru

  1. Terri says:

    Thank you VERY much George Goring for your bravery in getting mthis information to the public. I am horrified by what you have shown!


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